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Tourist Card

Matkailijakortti_logo_YKV_JLTThe tourist card, which is valid for 1-7 days on the buses within Turku Public Transport, is a type of a ticket aimed for tourists. The tourist card is a good alternative if the traveller has to make several journeys during one day or several days.

From January 1st 2013 there is also 14 days valid tourist card available.

The traveller can save in ticket price if making three journeys by bus during one day. In comparison to a single ticket, it is more economical to travel with a ticket valid for two days or more if the traveller makes two journeys a day.

The tourist card can be bought at the Public Transport Service Office and at the department stores Stockmann and Wiklund. The card can also be bought at Turku Touring tourist information. The card can not be bought at the buses. The tourist card can be used once, i.e. you may load tickets for the card only once.

The tourist card must be read by the card reader on the bus. The tourist card is valid once it is registered by the card reader, and it is also valid on the night buses.

PricePicture of the Tourist Card

1 day6.00 €
2 days9.00 €
3 days12.00 €
4 days15.00 €
5 days18.00 €
6 days21.00 €
7 days24.00 €
14 days30.00 €


From June-August, the card includes a two-euro discount from the ticket price of the Turku Touring sightseeing tour.

The travel ticket

  • Sells in busses.
  • Is valid for 24 hours from the moment of purchase.
  • Costs 6.50 euros

A 24-hour travel ticket by a text message

With the mobile ticket you can travel 24 hours on the Turku Public Transport buses.

The travel ticket is ordered by sending a text message. The text message includes information about ticket validity, password and individual code. It also includes information concerning the number from which the ticket was ordered. Upon entering the bus, the passenger must show the text message ticket to the bus driver, who will check its validity.

The price of the travel ticket € 6.50 includes the operator-specific service fee, will be invoiced by your mobile phone operator. 

Public Transport Office inspectors may check the ticket's validity.

How to order a ticket:
1. Type LIPPU24.
2. Send the message to 169003.
3. You will then receive a return message, which includes your visitor's pass enabling you to travel on Turku Public Transport buses within the city region for 24 hours.

The mobile ticket cannot be ordered with prepaid calling card for now.


The TurkuCard carries many advantages for the tourist – you'll get to see the numerous sights of Turku free-of-charge, plus a host of other benefits as well. TurkuCard also allows you to travel free-of-charge on the Turku Public Transport buses.

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