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Impivaara reopens its doors 


Impivaara swimming pool and gym reopened it doors to the general public on Valentine's Day. Impivaara is open from Monday to Thursday from 6 to 20, 11 to 18 on Fridays and weekends from 9 to 17. The cashier's office closes up 30 minutes before swimming pool and gym time ends.

Impivaara pool and gym facilities are available for all customers during opening hours – without any time limit restrictions. In addition to the traditional swimming pool, there are constantly warm shallow pools, swimming lanes and fitness swimming areas as well areas set aside for diving below the surface and diving from springboards.

Swimming and the gym included in the same price

The entrance fee to Impivaara entitles you to both swim and visit the gym. Regular exercise therefore becomes much more affordable. You can also purchase your own entrance fee wristband (7 €), onto which you can load 10 visits at a time which represents a saving of ten euros. In addition you can also load training fees on the wristband.

Wristband buyers get a free visit if they buy before 29 February

Sports and senior citizen’s wristbands are on sale at the Sports Services Centre customer services, Monday to Friday 8.15 to 16, (Blomberginaukio 4) and at Impivaara swimming pool. Wristband buyers get a free visit to the swimming pool if they buy a 10-times series before 29 February.

Read more:  The repoening of Impivaaran 10 February, 2012

Impivaara Swimming Pool and Gym Uimahallinpolku 4, 20320 Turku
Cashier's Office (02) 262 3588
Lifeguards (02) 262 3587

Opening hours from 14/02/2012
Mon–Thurs. 6–20, Friday 11–18, Sat–Sun 9–17

Per visit 7.5€ adults / 5€ concessions / 3€ children
A 10-times wristband pass 60€ adults / 40€ concessions / 24€ children


Impivaara swimming pool is mow on Facebook! Come and like us there! 

Impivaara indoor swimming pool offers a variety of barrier-free facilities to water sports and gym enthusiasts as well as excellent training and competition facilities for water sports clubs. Our values ​​are the joy of sports, being customer-oriented, safety, accessibility, equality and sustainable development.

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