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New Culture Card benefit

A series of post cards on the house at the Brinkkala Bookstore!

The Museum Centre of Turku will offer a series of post cards portraying the most beloved outdoors sculpture in Turku on the house. The offer is valid until August 31st.

Turku Castle medieval

Open daily at 10-18

What's on in Turku Castle

Welcome to the Castle, the No. 1 sight to see in Turku! Join a guided tour, experience the interactive exhibition in the Bailey, or simply enjoy the serenity of the Main Castle!

Open daily at 10 - 18.

Time travel at Luostarinmäki museum

Enjoy a bit of the best that the city has to offer at the unique outdoors museum in central Turku!

Pyöreä torni. Kuva: TMK/MarttiPuhakka

Wax dolls, miniature court and almost a thousand artefacts

Exhibition in the Bailey: History of Turku Castle

The renewed permanent exhibition in the Bailey presents the history of Turku Castle from the late 13th century to present day.

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