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Föli is coming, come to Föli!

Regional Public Transport starts on 1 July 2014

Public transport organised jointly between six municipalities in the Turku region will start on 1 July 2014. Turku region public transport, under the name of Föli, is a collaboration between Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Naantali, Lieto, and Rusko. With regional public transport, using the public transport system in Turku city region will be easy and inexpensive, regardless of municipal borders. The same products, prices, and benefits for all.


Check Easter bus timetables

Changes to bus timetables over Easter

On Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, buses will run according to Sunday timetables. On Good Friday and Saturday, 19 April, night buses will run normally.

Public transport organised jointly between six municipalities in the Turku region will start on 1 July 2014

Turku region public transport ticket product prices from 1 July 2014

Turku City Region’s Public Transport Committee discussed the prices of regional public transport ticket products from 1 July at their meeting on 19 April 2014. The new agreed ticket prices will apply to all residents of the municipalities in which regional public transport operates.

Events at Logomo are to become more easily reachable than ever before

Dedicated bus line for major events at Logomo

The city is to bring in a new line to serve major events taking place at Logomo. Line 101 will run Market Square–Logomo–Market Square.


Buses and timetables

The bus stops and route maps

Timetables for regional bus traffic:

Approximately 21 million bus rides are taken each year on the buses of local transport of Turku. The buses of local transport drive over 10 million line kilometres a year.

The bus routes and timetables are planned by the Public Transport Office. The operators of local transport are always chosen via exposure to competition. At the moment, 84% of the internal transport in Turku is operated by private bus companies, and 16% by the Turun Kaupunkiliikenne Oy (owned by the City of Turku).

Customer service and feedback

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Why choose a bus?

> Travelling with bus is environmental friendly and easy.

> No need to worry about other traffic, parking and charges.

> With bus You can reach easily the city centre – naturally You can get off the bus along the way as well.

> Using bus cards is really economical; just choose a bus card that suits your needs the most.

> What for example You can get with 240 euro’s? Bus trips in half a year as much as you need – or three tanks of gas.


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