Ongoing calls for tenders

Visiting address: 
Linnankatu 31
20100 Turku
+358 2 262 7248
Opening hours: 

Mon–Thu 8.15–15.45

Fri and eves of public holidays 8.15–15.00

Procurement and Logistics Centre issues calls for tenders for all of Turku City’s procurements of goods and services that are required by the Public Procurement Act. Contract procurements are called for tenders by the public utilities making the orders. Collective supply contracts are in the use of all of city’s operators.

Separate procurements are called for tenders based on the commission of the division or unit making the procurement, and the division/unit is also responsible for making the decision about the procurement and for monitoring the agreement.

The City of Turku announces its ongoing centralized procurements on HILMA public procurements website and on the Tarjouspalvelu online procurement system.

Instructions and contract terms in Finnish

Julkisten tavarahankintojen yleiset sopimusehdot (JYSE 2014 TAVARAT)
Julkisten palveluhankintojen yleiset sopimusehdot (JYSE 2014 PALVELUT)
Julkisten tavarahankintojen yleiset sopimusehdot (JYSE 2009 TAVARAT)
Julkisten palveluhankintojen yleiset sopimusehdot (JYSE 2009 PALVELUT)
JHS 166 Julkisen hallinnon IT-hankintojen yleiset sopimusehdot (JIT 2007)
Eurooppalainen peruskirja naisten ja miesten välisestä tasa-arvosta paikallishallinnossa