Child Welfare Notification

A child welfare notification should be done when there is concern for the well-being of a child.

Always make a child welfare notification if:

  • the child is physically abused or

  • there is relationship violence in a family with children.

Examples of reasons to become concerned about a child’s well-being:

  • parents hit the child
  • parents are very drunk or under the influence of drugs while accompanying the child
  • the child is drunk or under the influence of drugs
  • the child skips school
  • the child is often out at unusual times or the clothing of the child is not appropriate
  • the child behaves oddly, for example is withdrawn, apathetic, or overly aggressive

Making a child welfare notification is necessary in order to detect child neglect, dangers falling upon children, or abandonment as early as possible and to help the child and the family. The objective of Child Welfare is to secure the child’s interests and to support the family in situations where it is difficult to cope on one’s own.

Social welfare officials have an obligation to investigate each child welfare notification.