Christmas Market

The Christmas Market in Turku is located in two different places: the Old Great Square and the Market Square. There are also various Christmas bazaars organized in the city.

Christmas market at the Old Great Square

The traditional atmosphere, Christmassy scents, fairy tales, dance, music, and stalls filled with food and other sales articles invite the whole family to enjoy the Christmas time.

As the winter becomes darker, the Christmas Market at the Old Great Square is a good way to spend time as you are waiting for Christmas. At the Christmas Market you will meet the family of Santa Claus, the elves, the adventurous circus characters, and the Star Boys (tiernapojat in Finnish). In the ears of the elves at the Santa Claus’ workshop you can whisper what you want for Christmas. They will write it down in the secret book of Santa Claus.

You can also visit the Christmassy concerts and the versatile exhibitions of the Museum Centre at the Old Town Hall and the Brinkkala Mansion.

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Christmas market at the Market Square

An intimate breathing space will be created into the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city at the Market Square for the duration of December. The small sellers’ cabins, lovely flavours and scents, high-quality products, Chirstmassy events, and the magnificent lights will guarantee an unhurried and cheerful atmosphere.

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