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The Sports Services Centre prints a map of the city’s sports facilities. One side of the map identifies all the sports facilities in the region, while the other side shows all the cycleways. The map is available in print at swimming halls, ice halls, football halls, Turku-piste, Turku Touring, cycling shops, and the Customer Service Point of the City of Turku’s Sports Services Centre, located at Blomberginaukio 4, among other places. A new updated version of the map was published in June 2011.

Maps as pdf-files

Please note that the pdf-files are in Finnish.

Sports and exercise facilities 2.3 MB
Cycleways 4.8 MB

Maps with higher resolution but also considerably larger file sizes

Sports and exercise facilities 12MB
Cycleways 17MB

Maps of Paavo trails

See the website of Paavo trails

Winter sports and exercise facilities


Maps of Cultural Exercise Routes

See the website of Cultural Exercise Routes

Liiku luannos maps of sports and exercise facilities in eastern Turku

The sports and exercise facilities of eastern Turku have been collected on the Liiku luannos map. The area has many verdant places where one can enjoy nature.
There are places for both winter and summer sports and exercise.


Map of Lauste-Vaala-Huhkola

The sports and exercise facilities of Lauste, Vaala and Huhkola have been collected on the map that can guide you to, for example, the breathtaking view of Mikkolanmäki, or to the outdoor gym devices in Lehmälahti, Lauste. The pocket-sized maps are available at the Sports Services Centre in Kupittaa, Varissuo library and Turku-piste, among other places.


Ulkoilijan Aurajoki map of the River Aura for outdoor people

The Ulkoilijan Aurajoki map of the River Aura for outdoor people mixes exercise and culture. The map includes e.g. three different route options as well as information about cultural destinations and environmental artworks along the River Aura. The routes run along the banks of the River Aura from the Turku Castle all the way to the ‘kampiföri’ in Kurala.

More information on the Ulkoilijan Aurajoki website.

Ihastu Itä-Turkuun map of eastern Turku

Ihastu Itä-Turkuun map shows walking and cycling routes as well as interesting spots to check out in eastern Turku. With this map you can find new interesting routes suitable for everyday exercise and also get to know interesting destinations. 11 spots worth exploring along the way have been marked on the map. For example, have you ever visited the cholera cemetery where over 200 residents of Turku who fell victim to cholera were buried in the begining of the 19th century. The map is available in Turku-piste and Varissuo and Nummi libraries, among other places.

Sports and exercise map of Mälikkälä

Mälikkälä is excellent terrain for hiking and other outdoor activities because there are bogs and high rocks with great views. The map is available in print e.g. at the City of Turku’s Sports Services Centre customer service point (Blomberginaukio 4).