Exercise Wristband

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Loading the Exercise Wristband online

You can load more entries into your Exercise Wristband online. Online loading in Finnish

An Exercise Wristband grants you access to sports and exercise facilities. The number of times you can enter is loaded into the wristband, and a series of ten entries is the minimum you can load at a time. The advantages of using the wristband are cheaper prices compared to one-time payments and being able to avoid queuing at the counter.

The Exercise Wristband can be used as a means of payment at:

The Exercise Wristband can be used as a means of payment at:

Different kinds of exercise payments can be loaded into the same Exercise Wristband

Option 1: Petrelius Swimming Pool (pool and gym), Kupittaa Outdoor Swimming Arena, Samppalinna Outdoor Swimming Stadium, Kupittaa Sports Hall, Paattisten aluetalo (gym), Varissuo Ice Hall (gym)
Option 2 : Impivaara Swimming Centre (pool and gym)
Option 3 : Impivaara Swimming Centre (pool)
Option 4 : Park Field Artificial Ice Rink

  • The price of the loading depends on the loaded product. The first loading includes the price of the Wristband (8€)
  • The minimum amount to be loaded is 10 entries (30 entries for the pool of Impivaara Swimming Centre)
  • Adult-priced entries and all entries to Park Field are valid for 2 years from the loading date
  • Child-priced and discount group entries are valid for 1 year from the loading date
  • Wristbands of discount group members are personal