Teaching in schools is based on the curriculum, which in turn is based on laws and regulations. The curriculum illustrates practical school work and all schools must follow it, which means it is a standard. The National Board of Education has approved the national core curriculum of basic education, and the municipality-specific section of Turku City basic education curriculum for years 1–9 is based on it. Additionally, school-specific specifications for organizing teaching have been described on the schools’ curriculums or school year plans.

The new law on student welfare came into effect on 1 Jan 2014 and the municipality and school-specific curriculum sections that were based on it were put into operation on 1 Aug 2014.

Currently a new curriculum is being prepared based on the national core curriculum given by the National Board of Education. The new curriculum will be put into operation on 1 Aug 2016 for years 1–6 and after that the teaching that is in accordance with the new curriculum will be implemented one year at a time. The progress of the new municipality-specific curriculum can be followed in Finnish on the Opetussuunnitelma 2016 blog.

The new curriculum in Arabic (pdf)