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City board

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Meetings autumn 2016

  • 5 Dec, at 2 pm
  • 14 Dec at 4 pm

Meetings spring 2017

  • 9 Jan, at 4 pm
  • 16 Jan, at 2 pm
  • 23 Jan, at 2 pm
  • 6 Feb, at 4 pm
  • 13 Feb, at 2 pm
  • 6 Mar, at 2 pm
  • 13 Mar, at 4 pm
  • 27 Mar, at 4 pm
  • 3 Apr, at 2 pm
  • 24 Apr, at 2 pm
  • 2 May, at 4 pm (Tuesday)
  • 8 May, at 4 pm
  • 22 May, at 4 pm
  • 29 May, at 4 pm
  • 5 June, at 2 pm
  • 19 June, at 10 am

The City Board is responsible for the City's administration and financial management and prepares decisions for the City Council. The City Board is also responsible for executing the decisions made by the City Council and supervises the decisions' legality. The City Board also supervises the interests of the City and, unless otherwise mentioned in the rules of procedure, represents the City and avails its right of action.

The City Board has 13 members, and each member has a personal vice member. The City Council chooses members for the City Board for two years at a time.

The Chairperson of the City Board directs the political process of the City and leads the City together with the City's superior officials.

The Chairperson of the City Board is Olli A. Manni (Coalition Party), the 1st Vice Chair is Toni Eklund (Social Democratic Party) and the 2nd Vice Chair is Elina Rantanen (Green League).