Joint dances

Street performances

In addtion to joint performances, all participating groups are welcome to perform in various various places on various occasions. All over the city there are 14 stages with sound systems. Groups may use these stages for their 25-minute-long performances on Thursday and Friday between 10 AM and 6 PM, as well as on Saturday between 10 AM and 1 PM.

Children's groups have their own concert on the Europeade Village Stage on Varvintori on Friday afternoon. Vocal groups and choirs perform in the Concert Hall on Friday evening. Musician groups and orchestras have the possibility of performing on the Europeade Village Stage on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. They may also perform in the jam sessions in restaurants and pubs on Friday and Saturday.

You have a chance of presenting your own music and dances on several days. All participants take part in the dancing, singing and playing parade that colours the riverside all the way from the city centre down to the Forum Marinum Square.

Joint dances

  • Letkistä!

Letkistä! - the children's dance is a version of Letkajenkka, which is considered to be based on the Bunny hop dance. In this choreography the dance got new variations. There should be at least three pairs to the dance, but no limit to the maximum number of dancers. Letkistä! will be rehearsed on Saturday morning and performed by all children's groups in the Closing ceremony on Sunday.

The video and instructions for the children's dance you find here.

  • Humppa

As the independent state of Finland turns 100 years this December, all citizens are challenged to learn one dance during the year. We decided to invite all inhabitants of Turku and the participants of Europeade to share a dance together.

Humppa is a ballroom dance that become popular after the second World War. It is danced only in Finland. We're going to make a world record during the Europeade by getting 30.000 people to dance humppa simultaneously. We're hoping that all groups learn one of the versions of the dance.

  • Tutorial video to the official video is here.
  • The easier version is here.