Medieval Day at Turku Castle

1.7.2017 10.0017.00

Medieval Day at Turku Castle

The year is 1530 – exciting times for Turku Castle. King Gustav Vasa has arrived to Turku and is staying at the castle.

Catholic Sweden has adopted the Lutheran dogma and king’s trunks are overflowing with treasures confiscated from the Church. The whole castle is bustling with people. Members of court, servants, craftsmen and soldiers fill the corridors and halls of the castle. Musicians and the dancing master are teaching court dances to the visitors and Ulf the Painter is finishing his murals.

Children can test their jousting skills at the king’s jousting tournament in the park outside the castle. King Gustav Vasa also wants to renovate old Turku Castle to a spectacular renaissance palace and now, on the castle’s courtyard, visitors have the opportunity to sculpt their own and totally new version of the castle out of sand.


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On Medieval Day the whole program is included in the entrance fee

Adults 12 €
Children 4–15 years 5€
Children under 4 years free of charge
Family ticket 30 € (2 adults + 2–4 children)





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