Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions


Where do you sell tickets to the shows?

At www.lippu.fi you may purchase tickets to the Opening Ceremony and the Closing Ceremony at the Gatorade Center. Prices start at 22,50 €. Senior citizens, students, children, unemployed and people doing their military service all get a hefty discount. All other shows are free of charge.

What paying methods do you accept in Finland?

We use the euro and accept all major credit cards. Money exchange offices are found at the airports, in the harbours and in the city centre. Travel vouchers are exchanged in banks, but not all banks handle cash on all bank days – check this with the nearest bank well in advance!

Which languages are spoken in Turku?

In Finland we have two national languages, Finnish and Swedish, and both are spoken in Turku. English is commonly understood and spoken, while German, French and Spanish perhaps less so. Do try your luck, though, since people of Turku are happy to be of help to tourists!

What's the weather like in Turku in July?

Generally sunny and warm, with occasional showers. Daily highs vary between 16°C to 26°C and daily lows between 11°C to 17°C. In July the nights are still light, but as the sun sets, it may get chilly. Remember to take a long-sleeved jacket or cardigan with you to the evening events.

How long is the day?

In the end of July, the sun sets at 10:30 PM and rises again around 5 AM. Make sure you watch at least one sunrise during your stay!

What’s your "beer index"?

The price for a pint of 0,5 litres of draught beer varies greatly from 3,5 to 8 euros per serving, depending on the bar. Bottled imported beers are generally more expensive. In supermarkets a case of 24 cans of beer (á 0,33 l) sets you back around 22 euros, while importing it from the Baltic ferries on your way to Finland may prove to be more inexpensive.

Can I dring tap water?

YES. It's the cleanest water in the world! It's perfectly safe to drink it anywhere. Remember to fill up your water bottle whenever you're near a tap - if the weather's a bit on the chilly side you probably don't notice how much you need hydration during the day.

What's with the no-drinking-in-public-places thing?

Ahh, yes... You see, our alcohol politics does not allow drinking of alcoholic beverages in public, unless the area has been marked as a serving area, i.e. a restaurant, bar or pub. That means that if you buy alcohol from Alko (licenced liquour stores) or beer/cider/lonkero from the shops, do not flaunt your bottles or cans openly. Use cups instead ;)

In case you have additional questions bothering you, please let us know – we’ll answer them and share the info with others, too! info@europeade2017.fi