Finances and Strategies

The management and guidance of the City of Turku concern are based on an agreement between council groups and on the strategy and agenda works.


The 2015 financial statement of the City of Turku showed a surplus of 89,1 million euros. The surplus was caused by non-recurring instalments.

The municipal tax is an income tax paid to the municipality. The municipal tax percent is confirmed annually. The City Council decided on 16 November 2015 that the 2016 income tax for the City of Turku is 19.50%.

Strategies and development

The Strategies of the City of Turku consist of the City Strategy and the strategic programmes: the Well-being and Activity programme and the Competitiveness and Sustainable Growth programme, which the City Council accepted on 23 June 2014. A target programme for the city personnel was also created. The programme was accepted by the City Council on 25 August 2014.

The City Strategy is a vision-like document that describes what the city will look like in 2029, what central goals the city will set for itself, and what principles the city personnel and persons elected to positions of trust will promise to commit to.

The time spans of the strategic programmes vary from four to eight years, and they illustrate the alignments about the means with which goals are to be met. The alignments are to be concretized into actions of the Divisions annually through steering by contract.