Circular Economy

Finland’s success in the future is seen as being based heavily on bio and circular economies, cleantech and green growth. According to a report from Sitra, a circular economy could offer Finland’s economy 1.5–2.5 billion euros a year in growth potential. Finland has technological expertise, and by utilising this we could be one of the leading circular economy countries.

Turku and Southwest Finland have good conditions to become leading areas, as the region already features high levels of expertise and business activities in the sector, and the City of Turku’s fruitful energy and climate measures have led to recognition of the city as a national forerunner amongst the big cities.

Development of legislation is needed in environmental permit processes and legislation on waste, for example. The public sector must also promote risk financing for the circular economy, and support primary market opportunities for new products in Finland.

Development of rail transport, electric transport and energy systems have been identified as factors creating synergy, which will allow the Turku region to develop into the leading circular economy area.