Waste Management Regulations and Fees

The waste management regulations concerning the entire city region apply to Turku as well. The new regulations came into effect on 1 March 2015 and they regulate locally the collection and transportation of waste as well as the prevention of damage caused to the environment.

Turku Region Waste Management Committee makes decisions about the waste management regulations in the Turku City region. The regional joint regulations accepted by the committee on 3 December 2014 are applied in the municipalities of Turku, Aura, Kaarina, Lieto, Marttila, Masku, Mynämäki, Naantali, Nousiainen, Parainen, Pöytyä, Raisio and Rusko.

Waste collection of properties

Burnable waste is collected in all residential buildings. One-family houses deliver recyclable glass, metal, paper and cardboard into a regional collecting place. The current separate collecting of landfill waste will discontinue at all residential buildings at the end of 2015. Afterwards the current landfill waste will be collected and mixed with burnable waste. In addition to burnable waste, also metal, glass and paper will be collected into their own bins in residential buildings that contain at least four flats. Large properties with over 20 flats must also have a bin for cardboard.

Separate organic waste collection has been planned to start from the beginning of 2016.