Waste Transport and Guidance

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In Turku the owner of the property is responsible for organizing waste transportation. Each property owner must make a contract with the waste transportation service of their choice. The waste transportation company must be in the waste management register administered by the Finland Proper Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (Finland Proper ELY Centre). Information about registered companies can be inquired from the Finland Proper ELY Centre or from Turku City Environmental Protection.

Neighbouring properties may co-operate and use the same waste bin. The waste transportation company and Turku City Environmental Protection must be informed about the co-operation arrangements in written form.

The interval for emptying the burnable waste bin is two weeks. If the property composts organic waste in a suitable composter, the emptying interval can be arranged with the transporting company to be as long as eight weeks. One or two-person households that produce little waste can arrange the emptying interval to be four or eight weeks depending on whether the property is located in a densely populated area or outside of it.

The owner of the property must make sure that the rubbish truck can get close to the waste bins (the distance must be no more than 10 meters) and that the bins are placed on smooth and durable ground. Waste bins must be suitable for mechanical loading and refuse sack racks are no longer allowed. Bins that are to be moved by hand must be equipped with wheels and lids and no more than 60 kg of waste should be placed in a bin.


Waste advice is given by Turun Seudun Jätehuolto Oy, recycling centres of the Turku region and Turku City Environmental Protection. You may contact guidance services in all issues related to waste.

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