Apply for a Residential Parking Permit

Residential parking permits are in use in six different areas in Turku: in Port Arthur, Pohjola, and University Hill, as well as next to Samppalinna and TYKS (Turku university Hospital). Residential parking areas are the same as business parking areas.

You can get a residential parking permit if the following apply to you:

  • You live in the area in question according to the population register (You can also prove your home address with, for example, a tenancy agreement)
  • You have a driving license
  • You own or use one of the following vehicles according to the vehicle register:
    • A passenger car or a van
    • A motorcycle
    • A special vehicle
    • A quadricycle or light quadricycle (microcar)

Two registration numbers can be marked on the residential parking permit, but only one of these can be parked in residential parking at a time. The permit must be noticeably attached to the windscreen. Not all street parking spaces are for residential parking; residential parking spaces are marked separately with traffic signs. The driver must check the signs when parking.

Validity and prices

  • Calendar year: 120 €
  • Half a year (1 January – 30 June or 1 July – 31 December): 70 €

You can get the permit for a maximum of one year at a time, after which the permit must be renewed.

Where to get the permit

Turku-piste, customer service of Public Utility Property Management (Puolalankatu 5, 1st floor, tel. +358 (0)2 2624 565)

To get faster service, please print and fill in the residential parking application form in advance.