IT Services

IT Services provides the City of Turku with high-quality and cost-efficient IT solutions.

The service centre’s services cover telecommunications, devices and printing services, applications and integration platforms, licenses and data security. In addition to these, IT Services coordinates the City’s IT procurement in collaboration with the Strategic Procurement unit.

IT Services also plays a major role in the development of the City of Turku’s operations. In accordance with the City’s development model, development is carried out in the form of projects conducted in close cooperation between IT Services and the City’s divisions and other service centres, enterprises and organisations as well as other cities.​

Centralised IT and development services in 2017–2021

• Organisation of basic IT services
• Technology management
• Steering development through the development model and overall architecture
• ICT procurements and framework agreements as well as related operating models and principles
• Supplier strategy and strategic supplier cooperation
• Organisation of shared administrative information system services
• Pass-through billing of division-specific information system services

IT Services is led by IT Services Director Joni Ilmanen. Information Management is handled by Strategy and Development Director Jussi Vira.

Information management strategy

The City of Turku’s IT Services is steered by the City’s information management strategy, which was approved for 2017–2021 in June 2017. The information management strategy is implemented as part of normal operational management and as separate projects. The strategy’s binding objectives and their indicators are integrated into the IT Services service centre’s strategic and operative contract. The progress of the information management strategy is reported to the City Board once a year.