Light Rail

The purpose of the Turku light rail general plan and further clarifications is to give the City Council sufficient information so that it can make a decision about the implementation of the light rail. If, after the further clarifications, a decision is made to continue to the implementation phase, the implementation project of the light rail will be started according to the decision. Construction planning as well as changes to street plans and city plans, among other things, are related to the implementation phase.

Light rail general plan

A general plan has been made 2013 – 2015.

Light rail was estimated better than “superbus” (BRT/BHLS) system in competitiveness of the city, growth and attraction of city centre, sustainable urban structure, smooth transport and attractive public transport, as well as comfort and well-being of the residents concerned. Instead, in economic terms superbus was assessed better than light rail due to lower investments and operating costs.

Economic viability could be improved for both options by specifying the first implementation phase, as well as stronger development of land use next to light rail corridor. Turku light rail general plan did not give unequivocal answer to the best public transport system, which is why the design is continued with further clarifications during 2016-2017 period. Superbus is an equal alternative to light rail.

The general plan further clarifications was started in November 2016.

The focus of further clarifications is to assess the light rail and superbus options’ differences and superiority, to define the potential source of the first implementation phase, to improve the readiness of the implementation (technical design accuracy) as well as to refine the cost estimates.

Planned light rail routes. Blue color indicates possible first phase and red color indicates later phases