Multicultural Council

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The Multicultural Council observes matters from an immigrant’s point of view, makes statements about matters related to immigrants and introduces initiatives in close co-operation with other influence groups in Turku.

The other influence groups in Turku are the Children’s Parliament, the Youth Council, the Disability Council, and the Council of Senior Citizens.

The Multicultural Council also promotes co-operation and dialogue between immigrant associations, and encourages immigrants to participate and influence the social decision-making.

Two-year term

The Multicultural Council consists of six representatives from foreign language speaking associations, six elected officials from the city’s committees, one member of the City Council, and one specialist member of the city.

The members of the Multicultural Council are selected for a two-year term at a time. The language used in the meetings is Finnish.

Members during the term 2015-2016

Representatives of committees and boards:
Muhis Azizi, Chairperson
Youth Council
Heikki Hölttä, Vice Chairperson
Social and Healthcare Committee
Kerttu Palmunen
Education Committee
Tea Mattila
Sports Committee
Terhi Vörlund-Wallenius
Cultural Comittee
Mikael Miikkola
Public Utility Property Management Board
Representatives of foreign language speaking associations:

Muhiadin Hersi
Together Association

Vadim Bessonov
Finland-Russia Society

Elvi Sirkel
Inkerinsuomalaiset ja Eestiläiset ry

Andrei Kuusinen
International Students of Turku Universities

Hulya Kytö

Mohammad Badawieh
Mpkk – Monikulttuurinen päivähoito, koulu ja koti ry

Other representatives:

Officer representative:
Pasi Ahola, specialist
City Development Group /City of Turku

Representative of the City Council:
Vilja Siitonen