Open Call 6th Jun – 16th Jul 2017 to apply for the next available exhibition period to the art galleries at the Old Great Square.

Exhibition periods

  • 3.10–13.11.2017
  • 9.1.–19.2.2018                          
  • 20.2.–9.4.2018                                                      
  • 10.4.–21.5.2018
  • 22.5.–9.7.2018
  • 10.7.–20.8.2018
  • 21.8.–1.10.2018
  • 2.10.–12.11.2018 (only in Brinkkala)
  • 13.11.–30.12.2018

Changes in the schedule are possible. The Museum Centre reserves itself the right to include exhibitions by invitation in the exhibition programme.

Practicalities concerning all the gallery spaces

  • Application can be made by artist, group of artists, or curator
  • Exhibition period is 6 weeks (including installation and dismantling). Opening on the 1st Thursday of the period. Dismantling on Monday following the last Sunday of the exhibition.
  • Rent 420 euros (including VAT)
  • The artist is responsible for: rent, transportation of the works (and insurance), installing and dismantling, organising the opening reception, providing the material needed for marketing. Possible sales of the artworks.
  • The museum is responsible for: promoting the exhibition according to its communications strategy for the galleries, maintenance and supervision of the space.
  • It is possible to loan plinths and audiovisual equipment. However, the selection is limited.
  • No commission is charged of any sold artworks.

Applications should include

  • Application form
  • Project plan describing the content, and exhibition plan
  • Relevant visual material to support the application (demos of videos via links)
  • CV
  • Contact details

Download application form


The Old Town Hall and Brinkkala galleries are part of The Museum Centre of Turku. They are situated in the historical city centre by the Old Great Square, right next to Turku Cathedral.

Old Town Hall Gallery

The gallery space is located on the 2nd floor of the Old Town Hall. In the exhibition space one of the long walls is lined with windows overlooking the market square, ensuring that the space is filled with daylight. The space has been modified to meet the requirements of a traditional gallery space but the wooden, greyish floor and an old tiled stove ensure a unique quality to the site. Due to the historical value of the building there are some restrictions for installation. Hanging directly on the walls is only possible on the three panelled walls. Otherwise attaching anything to the walls, ceiling, doors and floor is not possible. Hanging rails can be used in case more wall space is needed. Public has free admission to the space.

The Old Town Hall Gallery’s programme concentrates on topical contemporary art. The space is suitable to exhibit installations and objects on walls. All the windows cannot be covered, thus preventing the total darkening the of the space. 

(floor plan, pdf)


Harmaa is a space dedicated to show various forms of media art. It is a one-room exhibition space located in the ground level of Old Town Hall. It can be turned into a black box for video works with one of its walls designed to function as a projection wall, or use it for installations. The walls are painted grey, there are windows on two sides. Measurements (approximately) of the space: depth 5.5 m, width 4.6 m, height 2.9 m. Public has free admission to the space.

Harmaa was launced in Spring 2016 with a curated series of exhibitions. Since February 2017 the programme is based on open call.

Brinkkala Gallery

Brinkkala Gallery

The gallery is in the restored Brinkkala Mansion. The exhibition space consists of two separate rooms on the building’s 2nd floor. Both rooms have windows on one wall each. Restrictions for attaching anything to the walls, ceiling or floor apply here due to the historical value of the premises. In case objects are shown on walls, hanging rails must be used. Public has free admission to the space.

In this gallery both art exhibitions and collaborative projects are organised. In addition to contemporary art exhibition the gallery programme includes projects dealing with the city of Turku and its history, and displays from the city collections. Installations, sculptures/objects, works installed on the walls can be displayed with the before mentioned restrictions.

The final decision is made by a gallery jury. Please send the application in pdf-format through email to, please use subject "gallery application". Deadline is July 16th. Delayed applications cannot be considered for selection processes.

For more information 6th - 22 Jun
Piia Oksanen, researcher
tel. +358 (0)40 637 1023,
Instagram @galleriatsuurtorilla