The Medieval Turku is Finland´s best known fair of medieval history. The event is set in a unique venue right in the heart of the historical city center and in the most remarkable medieval sites of Turku.

The Medieval Market in the Old Great Square

In the year 1509, there is a tense atmosphere in Turku. Danish pirates evoke horror in coastal villages and there are also clashes on the eastern border. How to celebrate the market when there are robbers and many other dangers on the path to Turku? Nonetheless, once again gather the vendors and buyers, gentlemen and fools, pretty maidens and strong lads at the Old Great Square. It’s time to meet friends and forget the worries. There will be four unforgettable days full of fun, exciting and surprising Middle Ages!

Medieval Times in Turku Castle

The history of Turku Castle encompasses not only the history of Finland but also that of the rest of Europe. Its robust walls, towers, gates and vaults lead the visitor to the Middle Ages, to the Porter’s Lodge, Sture Church, Nun’s Chapel with its sculptures, and on to the King’s State Room, Scriptorium and much more. The well-lit rooms on the upper floors usher in the modern age, while the Quite a Timeline! display and the new main exhibition in the bailey offer deeper insights into the history of the castle.

Daily guided tours showcase medieval times and the dawn of the modern age in Turku Castle. The Knights’ Hall and Workshop offer fun activities for younger visitors. Souvenirs are available in the museum shop Fatabur.


The Medieval Turku in the Cathedral

The only medieval cathedral in Finland leads a visitor on a time journey into genuine Middle Ages. The dusky atmosphere of the church, the radiating piety, rugged forms, and old delicate details provide an introduction into medieval atmosphere. Maria Eriksdotter invites you to the Middle Ages of the Cathedral. Ancient atmosphere is created with song and old musical instruments. The Office, masses and the closing vespers of the event join history with today. A visit to the museum on the south gallery opens a view into the Middle Ages through the altar gear and wooden sculptures on display.

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova is a museum of history and contemporary art

Aboa Vetus, which has been excavated by archaeologists, invites visitors on a voyage of discovery into history! The remains of six stone-built houses, hundreds of years old, an early street running across the area as well as hundreds of artefacts tell us about the history of the site. The houses were part of the Convent Quarter, populated in the Middle Ages mainly by wealthy merchants.