One of the highlights of Finland’s centenary celebration, the Together weekend, takes place between 25 August and 27 August. The night of ancient lights will be featuring small and grand events that are part of the Finland 100 programme, designed by Finnish people and friends of Finland.

Some of the events have been specifically planned for this period, some occur annually and follow the Finland 100 theme this year. Parties organising the events have joined the programme of Finland 100 and each party is responsible for the arrangements of their own event. The participants involved include municipalities, cities, central government, organisations, clubs, village societies, sports clubs, businesses and also private, active citizens ‒ a massive group of enthusiastic people altogether!

The most visible and prominent events in Southwest Finland are expected to be the collective event at Jokipuisto in Paimio, the “100 years of Finnish know-how” business park at Turku General Fair and a community singing and concert day at Kurjenrahka National Park.

For the weekend, Kungsträdgården in Stockholm becomes the stage for a Finland 100 street party. The City of Turku will be presenting itself at the event as a highly modern European city through Tom of Finland, Finnish design and Ruisrock.

The Together weekend marks the beginning of a 100-day period leading up to the centenary of independent Finland. Let’s celebrate it together!