The new e-book is an illustrated result of the Turku Centre 2050 vision group work. It provides a holistic view of the future Turku city centre that is developed spatially, visually and functionally.

City centres all around the world are changing. This is mostly due to the growing expectations of what a city can offer. The sort of life we wish to have in cities has developed significantly in the past ten years and is no longer centered around building more infrastrcture like roads to provide more space for private cars. Instead, our vision focuses on life. 

The image of a city develops through the city centre.

Markku Wilenius

– The image of a city develops through the city centre. Turku and its historic centre that has developed on the riverside has unique points of strength but also plenty of potential that has not been harnessed. By building on its unique identity and strengths, the city has all possibilities to become globally significant. However, this calls for considerable changes and shared will, says Markku Wilenius, Professor of Future Studies at the University of Turku.

According to the vision group that has been considering the future of the centre, it is possible for Turku to become a globally important city whose exceptional archipelago nature and developed infrastructure create the prerequisites for comfortable living and a vivid economy and culture.