Turku Market Square will be renewed to meet current demands without forgetting traditions. The sale of produce has been moved to the Yliopistonkatu side of the square. The archaeological excavation on the Market Square and the preparatory work for the new square are on schedule.

Information on the renovation and excavation of the Market Square is available in the information container in the square. The information container will also be hosting small events.

You can visit the container in the middle of the Aurakatu side edge of the Market Square until the end of August. In September, the container will be moved to Yliopistonkatu. The container will provide information on the changes made to the square and the objectives of these changes, as well as items discovered in the archaeological excavation. Towards the end of the summer, the container is set to exhibit the preparations made for the History Museum scheduled to open in Turku in 2029.

Starting from September, the information container will also provide updates on the sizable changes made to public transport due to the construction work of the Market Square. Bus stops on the Market Square will be removed starting from 24 September.

The container is open Mon–Fri from 9 am to 2 pm. Personnel from Muuritutkimus Ky, which is in charge of the archaeological excavation, are on call at the container.