The City of Turku will be honouring the anniversary of the stabbings that occurred one year ago on 18 August in Turku in silence. The city will not be organising memorial ceremonies in honour of the incident.

“We feel that a tragic crime or its perpetrator do not deserve a memorial day. We respect the victims and helpers by working to improve safety, understanding between cultures and the integration of immigrants every day together with other authorities and the civic society,” says Minna Arve, Mayor of Turku.

“The results are measured in many ways, not just by this one incident in the past, which is why we should not give it the status of a symbol or landmark,” Arve continues.

The City of Turku organised grieving and memorial ceremonies directly after the stabbings together with several other operators, such as the police and the church. One month after the incident, hundreds of citizens came together to lay down carnations in the Aura River on Turku Day on 17 September.

“Turku is a strong city and Finland is a strong country. We must look forward together,” Mayor Arve says.

Turku has honoured the loved ones of those that died in the stabbings, injured victims and their families and those that heroically helped the victims in many ways during the past year.