What do the students of Turku need more of? Do the students have a need for an event, application or course or would you like to develop student services in some other way? Apply for Study in Turku project subsidies to turn your idea into reality. The application period is valid until 16 November 2018.

The project application process, now held for the second time, invites the students and operators of the City of Turku and its institutes of higher education to share their ideas for an even more functional and inspiring student city.

In total, EUR 50,000 will be allocated as project funds for 2019.

New ideas related to students and Turku

An idea implemented with the help of the project subsidy can be related to sports and exercise, the functionality of campus areas, communality, availability of services or internships, among other things. The particular focal points of the application process are connections to business life, internationality, and the good day-to-day life of students.

The idea for which funding is applied could be training, an event, a service, an app, course work or any other idea that supports and promotes the goals of Study in Turku operations.  

“We encourage everyone to come up with new ideas related to students and Turku. Project subsidies can also support the coursework and ideas of students related to developing everyday services, employment or internationalisation,” says specialist Anssi Kaisti, from the City of Turku.

The project application process is part of the Study in Turku project, the partners of which are the city’s six institutes of higher education, the City of Turku, Turku Business Region and student associations.

The goal of this cooperation is to be the best student city in Finland, where people enjoy studying and where they want to continue to live and work after graduation.