The City of Turku day care centres, comprehensive schools, upper secondary schools and some Vocational Institute premises will be unable to serve meals during the strike of the Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors JHL between 22 and 23 October. The strike will also affect the opening hours of certain sports facilities managed by the city. For example, the Impivaara Swimming Centre and Kupittaa Sports Hall will limit their opening hours.

Schools and day care centres request parents to pack lunches for their children. The food should keep as well as possible  at room temperature as refrigerated storage space  will not be available. Parents are also requested to consider whether or not it would be possible for them to provide breakfast for their children at home.

The strike will not affect the Vocational Institute facilities in Aninkaistenkatu, Lemminkäisenkatu, Uudenmaantie and Juhannuskukkula. However, meals will not be served at the Peltola, Kuormakatu and Kellonsoittajankatu school buildings during the strike.

The meal services of senior housing facilities, services for people with disabilities, housing and substance abuse services or the Mäntymäki Hospital area will  remain unaffected by the strike. Home-delivery meals will also be provided as normal.

City staff restaurants will limit their opening hours and product selections during the strike.

Impacts on sports services

The Petrelius Swimming Hall will be closed and the Impivaara Swimming Centre and Kupittaa Sports Hall will observe exceptional opening hours.

In addition to this, the services of other sports locations may not be at the normal level due to fewer on-hand employees.

Most significant exceptions in opening hours:

  • The cash desk of the Impivaara Swimming Centre will be open on Mon 22 October 6 am–12 noon and on Tue 23 October 2 pm–8 pm. The swimming, gym and sports club hours will end on 22 October at 12:30 pm and on 23 October at 8:30 pm. The premises must be vacated 30 minutes later. Swimming lessons and hydrobics sessions will not be held between 22 and 23 October.
  • The Kupittaa Sports Hall will be open on 22–23 October 8 am–2 pm. The practice hours will end at 2 pm and the hall must be vacated at 3 pm. Guided sessions at other times are cancelled.
  • The Petrelius Swimming Hall will be closed, and all guided and other sessions between 22 and 23 October are cancelled.

Other City of Turku sports facilities will be available as normal. However, the service level may be lower due to staff shortages. The evening availability of indoor sports facilities will not change.