In the main exhibitions of the Pharmacy Museum and the Qwensel House you can experience mid-19th century pharmacy conditions and late 18th century life of the gentry.

The Pharmacy Museum includes a pharmacy shop, a material room, two laboratories, a herb room and exhibition halls. All objects in the museum are authentic 18th and 19th century items. The pieces of furniture in the shop make up Finland’s oldest surviving pharmacy interior. There are also many rarities in Åke Lydman’s pharmacy dish collection.

The Qwensel bourgeois house is the oldest surviving wooden house in Turku furnished in late 18th century rococo and Gustav styles. In this part of the museum you will find out about the period of the house’s most famous inhabitant, Finland’s pioneer of surgery Josef Pipping. The house includes master’s and lady’s quarters, a dining hall, a bedchamber, a nursery and a hallway.

During Christmas time 18th century Christmas tables are set in the dining room and chambers of the Qwensel House.