Facilities Available for Rent

Additional information in Finnish

Costs of renting the facilities of the Main Library (pdf in Finnish)  

Reservation form for the meeting rooms of the Main Library (in Finnish)
(Studio, Meeting Room (Kokoustila), Idea Room (Ideahuone))

Availability of the facilities

Meeting Room (Kokoustila)
Idea Room (Ideahuone)

The main library has meeting, event, and exhibition facilities of various sizes available for rent. The facilities can be used during the opening hours of the library. Other times may be agreed on in exceptional cases.  An additional fee will be charged if the facilities are used outside opening hours.



    Meeting Room


    Idea Room


Meeting and event facilities

A meeting room can be rented from the News Square (Uutistori) in the Main Library or online. The reservation application form will be processed within three weekdays. A confirmation message will be sent to your email if the application is accepted.

The renting is in effect after you have received the confirmation. The rent will be charged for reservations that have not been cancelled at least one week before the appointed time. Compelling exceptions will be negotiated separately. Unless otherwise agreed, a new reservation can begin no earlier than an hour after the previous event has ended.

The facilities are equipped with furniture and devices according to the wishes of the event organizer. Reservations of accessories should be made at least one week before the event. The fee can be paid in cash at the News Square (Uutistori) of the main library or it can be invoiced.