Turku Science Park

Turku Science Park in numbers

  • In the future, Turku Science Park will produce all business and entrepreneurial services targeted at the 11 municipalities in the Turku Region.
  • The company’s business incubator has functioned as a launcher for the operations of over 200 companies, the success rate being almost 90 per cent.
  • The companies from the business incubator have created over 1,300 new jobs.

Turku Science Park is an independent and impartial expert company that promotes business by SMEs that is based on high skills. The company’s services cover the whole life cycle of entrepreneurship, starting from testing a business idea and founding a company, continuing to internationalisation and expanding international business.

Board of Turku Science Park (in Finnish)
Minna Arve, Chair
Elina Rantanen
Piia Elo
Mikko Hupa
Matti Rihko
Jukka Rinnevaara
Kalervo Väänänen
Vesa Taatila
Pekka Sundman

CEO of Turku Science Park is Niko Kyynäräinen.

Contact information of Turku Science Park.