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Impivaara Swimming Centre Opening Hours

Cashier opening hours
Monday6 am-8 pm
Tuesday6 am-8 pm
Wednesday6 am-8 pm
Thursday6 am-8 pm
Friday11 am-6 pm
Saturday9 am-5 pm
Sunday9 am-5 pm

Notice! Every Wednesday 50 meters pool is closed 19:30->.

The pools and gyms are open for 30 minutes after the cashier’s desk closes. 
All patrons must exit the building one hour after the cashier’s closing time.

Exceptions to opening hours

There may be exceptions to the swimming centre’s opening hours due 
to public holidays and major competition events. Some events will take up 
just one part of the building, leaving the rest open to the public. Information 
on exceptional opening hours will be posted on this page.

DateWhatOpening hours/events and activities affecting pool availability
24.5.water polomatch50m pool reserved 7:00-10:00
26.5.privatebookingteaching pool reserved 17:30-19:00
1.-5.6.swimming schoolsmultipurpose pool, teaching pool and lanes 8+9 from 25 m pool reserved 9:30-11:30 and 12:00-14:00
8.-12.6.swimming schoolsmultipurpose pool, teaching pool and lanes 8+9 from 25 m pool reserved 12:00-14:00
15.6.-10.8.summerbreakpool area closed


gym open

only gym open mon-fri 15.6.-2.7.

N.B: Friday 3.7. closed

Cash desk is open:

mon 11-17:30
tue 9-15.30
wed 11-17.30
thu 9-15.30
fri 11-15.30

After the cash desk is closed you must leave swimming hall within 45 minutes.

Rules and regulations

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