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Library's Conditions of Use

Library card   Borrowing and returning material    Reservations    Renewals   Fees and charges

Turku City Library's collections, services and premises are available for everyone in accordance to the Vaski libraries' conditions of use.

Rules of use of the Vaski libraries

Library card

A library card is given to everyone who, after proving identity, is willing to commit to the library's conditions of use. Library card can be received by giving one's name, address and social security number for the library customer database.

Library card can be given to any person over 5 years old. Under 15-year-olds need a signed permission with personal data from their parent or guardian. The parent's or guardian's personal information will also be saved in the customer database.

The library card is free of charge. However, a service charge will be collected for a new card if the old one is lost or broken. The same card can be used at all of the Turku City Library's libraries and mobile libraries, excluding the Moisio and Paattinen lending stations, which have their own cards.

If you lose your card, contact the library immediately. Also name and address changes should be notified for the library.

Borrowing and returning material


A library card is always needed when material is borrowed. A borrower can have a maximum of 50 items on loan at the same time. The loan period is 1-4 weeks and varies according to the type of the borrowed material. The loan period ends on the last day of the loan period at the library's closing time. A loan can be renewed three times if there are no reservations for the material.

Losing one's borrowing rights

A customer will lose his/her right to borrow material, if he/she has been sent an invoice due to overdue loans which have not been paid for accordingly.

Customer database

The City Library's customer database is a legal personal information database, which is only used for the supervision of loans. Information in the database is not given outside the library. A person's social security number is only used for the granting of a library card, in situations when a person's borrowing rights are taken away and in situations when overdue charges are collected.

Due date

The due date means the last day of the loan period. The loan period ends on the due date at the library's closing time. Overdue charge


The password is a four-digit code, which can be received from the library. A password is needed, when a customer wants to check his/her personal information, renew loans, reserve material or cancel reservations on a customer workstation or on the Internet. It is also needed when the lending machines are used and when logging in to the SparkNet wireless local area network.


Reservation fee

reservation fee is charged when the customer collects his/her reserved material from the library. It is charged even if the customer never collected the material.

Cancelling reservations

Reservations can be cancelled before the reserved material is ready to be collected by the customer. Cancellations that have been done well beforehand will not be charged.

Reserved material

The reserved material is kept at the library until the due date on the collect notice. The customer can request reserved material to be collected from another library. There is a separate transportation charge for transported materials.

Collect notices

Collect notices are sent to customers, when the material he/she has reserved can be collected from the library. The notification is sent by mail, email or as an SMS message. The reception of the notices requires personal service . Personal service is free of charge and it's right-of-use can be received from the library. The notification includes information about how long the material will be reserved for the customer, and it should be shown when the reserved material is collected.


Loans can be renewed three times, if no reservations for the material have been made, or an invoice has not been sent for overdue material. Renewal is not possible, if the customer has lost his/her right to borrow. After three loan renewals the material must be returned to the library. The material can be borrowed again at the library, if no reservations have been made.

Renewals can be made at the library's self-service customer terminals or on the Internet. A password is needed for the self-service terminals. Loans can also be renewed at the customer service desk by presenting a valid library card.

Fees and charges

Library use is mostly free of charge, but a service charge is collected for overdue loans and some special services.


The library will send a reminder for overdue loans one week after the loan is due to be returned. A reminder for reserved materials is sent immediately next day after the due date. 

A second reminder is sent three weeks after the loan is due to be returned. In addition to overdue loan charges, a reminder fee is collected from the customer.

Overdue loan invoice

If the material is returned after the reminder has been sent, the customer has to pay only for the overdue loan charges and reminder fees. If the material is lost or corrupted, the customer must compensate for it accordingly.

Further recovery proceedings

Recovery is transferred to a collection agency after the due date has elapsed 60 days. The expenses for the recovery proceedings will be paid by the customer.


The customer must compensate for the damages he/she has caused for the library's material.

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