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Turku City Library Handouts at IFLA 2012

Welcome to Turku!

We wish you warmly welcome to Turku which is an old coastal town of 180,000 inhabitants built around the river Aura.

By launching the new main library in 2007 new services, programs and processes were introduced, and the citizens got access to a modern library with high quality of architecture and arts. The space became threefold. Citizens accepted immediately the library as aplace of knowledge, creativity, enjoyment, and civic activity. The library is open every day, it is free of charge, and it has more than 1.3 million visits a year.

The architecture manifests the aim of the library: to be a common living room and the emporium of information and culture. Besides the new building, it comprises the old main library from 1903 and the former governor’s office from 1818. While the buildings constitute a beautiful and functioning library in the old centre of the city, they at the same time surround a lively library yard which hosts events throughout the year. The library has received the ‘Concrete building of the year’ -prize and the ‘Good Surroundings Prize’.

There is an ongoing project of modernizing branch libraries to be social and cultural centres of their communities. In that we cooperate especially with schools, kindergartens, and youth services. One of those libraries is the Ilpoinen Library, which is included in the visiting program.

IFLA Turku Visit 
August 17, 2012

Turku Main Library

In 2011 Turku City Library was awarded the Developer’s Prize of the Year by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

IFLA, The International
Federation of Library 
Associations and 

Inkeri Näätsaari See you in Turku in August!


Inkeri Näätsaari

Director of Libraries
City of Turku

IFLA 2012 Congress 

IFLA Helsinki 2012

Turku City Library in Figures (year 2011)



Website visits             


Active users                 

Registered borrowers 


Library units                 





1.9 million ~ 10.6 per inhabitant

5 million ~ 28 per inhabitant

3.1 million ~ 17.7 per inhabitant

75 per cent of the population


2,000, participants in events 42,000

Main Library, 13 branches, 2 mobile libraries

1 million volumes

11.4 million euros

150 person years


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