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The Information Centre, a DVD and a cruising route present the shipyard area 

The City of Turku's location by the sea gains a new dimension with the cooperation with Aker Yards

The cooperation between the City of Turku and Aker Yards, the world's leading builder of large cruise vessels, has become more intensive. The Information Centre, a cruising route and a DVD present the Turku shipyard for the general public.

- The intensive cooperation with the largest industrial employer on the southwest coast and the world's leading builder of large cruise vessels is a tremendous possibility for Turku and will also in the future have the highest priority within the city's activities, summarized Mikko Pukkinen, Mayor of Turku.

- It's exclusive to be able to build vessels in a city, where the traditions of shipbuilding dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. Here the needs of the shipyard are known, and the city knows how and wants to pay attention to these needs, states Jyrki Heinimaa, deputy managing director who is responsible for Aker Yards operations in Finland.  

Mikko Pukkinen, Mayor of Turku and Yrjö Julin, managing director of Aker Yards agreed on intensifying the cooperation between the city of Turku and Aker Yards in February 2006. 

The shipyard is accessible to everyone

A concrete result of the cooperation is, among other things, the Information Centre at Aker Yards Turku shipyard which started its activities in the beginning of 2007. The Centre takes care of visitors who are interested in shipbuilding and arranges guided sightseeing tours.

The Information Centre is a part of Forum Marinum, and the visitors may at the same time familiarize themselves with the history of shipbuilding and present-day shipbuilding. 

The shipyard and its activities interest a large group of people. A cruising route according to models taken from Germany and France is planned at the Information Centre. The aim is to start arranging guided cruises for the general public to the shipyard area already in summer 2007. The cruises will start from the River Aura.

Correspondingly, the DVD "Turku between East and West" presents the city of Turku as the birthplace of the world's largest cruise ships and Aker Yards Turku shipyard as one of the world's leading builders of cruise liners. 

Recruitment cooperation for three years

During the years 2005 - 2006 Aker Yards employed approx. 500 persons at Turku shipyard. In addition, the network of subcontractors recruited new labour. Turku Region Development Centre's service Welcome to Turku has actively participated in the work. 

- Turku region is a growth area, so new inhabitants move here. The essential thing is to be able to employ persons at the maritime cluster who commit themselves to a permanent job and will move to the region for good, stated Kalle Euro, Director of the Development Centre.

Education in a key position

The City of Turku strives consistently to develop the marine industry and the maritime cluster's operational preconditions in the Turku region and on the southwest coast. As the cooperation with Aker Yards has become more intensive, the city has at the same time extended the cooperation with other central cities on the southwest coast (Pori, Rauma and Uusikaupunki).

A specific goal is to develop an educational system which corresponds to the marine industry's needs of competence and labour. Aker Yards and Turku Vocational Adult Education Centre have together developed education for the marine industry. The establishment of a delegation for the marine industry at Turku Vocational Adult Education Centre is also under discussion. 

Turku has, on the other hand, initiated the preparations of establishing an upper secondary school specialised in maritime studies in the city. The working team which is preparing the matter will deliver their report to the Mayor of Turku in the end of January 2007.

When developing the maritime activities it is extremely important that the maritime cluster, which Turku is responsible for, will be included in the Centre of Expertise Programme 2007 - 2013.

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