Anniversary year


The Adventure Park celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. The anniversary year programme is rich and varied and all events are listed below. Check out the offerings and come for a visit.


Birthday party 8 June 2022

The birthday of the Adventure Park opens the summer season, offering a full day’s programme and surprises for the whole family.

Summer activities are underway between 12 noon and 5 pm: art camps and art workshops are launched, Luovat Kädet (Creative hands) exhibition is opened in the Koidetantti art container, the Aikavarkaan Arvoitukset (Mysteries of the time thief) theatre adventure kicks off, Soiva Satupuu (Musical fairytale tree) is there to enthral you, and, last but not least, the Traffic Town and Safari Cars are waiting to take you for a ride. Tickets for the activities and information for visitors are available at the info points (please note that the tickets for the Traffic Town must be purchased at the Traffic Town info point).

The birthday party starts at 6 pm: the community artwork Savireliefi (Clay relief) is unveiled, a large number of parties extend their birthday greetings, Fauna Humana arrives in the park, and remember: this is only a fraction of the surprises on offer. There will also be balloons, free buckets and delicacies.

The music piece composed for the anniversary will also have its premiere at the birthday party. To honour the anniversary year of the Children’s Culture Centre Adventure Park, the duo Kommenttiraita has created a music piece for the Adventure Park in cooperation with children and their families.

The Exercise Book of the Adventure Park is also on sale at the event. The book is a collection of fun tasks, tricky problems and wonderful mazes. The Exercise Book costs 12 euros, and you can buy it at the Adventure Park info point and at the Traffic Town ticket office. Other sales points will be announced later.


SeikkisAreena 8–9 June

The panel discussion SeikkisAreena brings together interesting personalities to discuss and comment on children’s culture and its role. On Wednesday 8 June (3 pm–4.30 pm), the discussion will centre on children’s culture in general. The discussion will be followed by the birthday party of the Adventure Park. On Thursday 9 June (12.30 pm–2 pm), the panellists will discuss children’s theatre. You are warmly welcome. The event is free of charge.

Click here to view the whole programme (the programme is in Finnish)


Matka Avaruuteen (Journey to space) virtual exhibition

The creations of the children’s art workshop organised by the Adventure Park in 2021 during the schools’ winter holiday come to life in a virtual environment. The works of art produced by the children have been 3D modelled and built on the Roblox platform. Just download the application free of charge in your smartphone from Play Store or Apple Store  to experience the exhibition and use the gaming features. The exhibition has gaming elements that do not contain violence, weapons or chat features. The project has been carried out in cooperation with the School of Gaming, which uses games as teaching aids. Click here for instructions on how to proceed and how to download Roblox (the instructions are in Finnish).


Aikavarkaan Arvoitukset (Mysteries of the time thief) theatre adventure (8–23 June)

Mysteries of the time thief is an inclusive and exciting theatre adventure, like a children’s escape game room, where children solve mysteries with the help of an instructor. Mysteries of the time thief is an experience that provides the participants with a dose of excitement and allows them to enjoy success. The children can solve the challenges by spurring their mates and by engaging in top-class teamwork. The adventure takes place in a dimly lit Timantti (diamond) theatre, and the atmosphere of adventure is created by lights and soundscape as well as theatrical smoke, which is harmless to health. The characters appearing in the adventure act as guides, and they are played by professional performers.

The adventure is suited for children aged 5 and over and one adventure lasts about 30 minutes. Children aged under 9 must be accompanied by a parent. You can buy tickets for the adventure at the Adventure Park info point. Price: 6 euros/participant or two Multipass stamps. The adventure starts Sun–Thu at 1 pm and 2 pm. A maximum of 15 persons can take part in one adventure.

Koidetantti art container from 8 June

The Koidetantti art container, filled with creativity and art, is located in the playground area. In addition to functioning as a traditional art gallery, it also serves as a multiart arena. The performances are always linked to the themes of the exhibition going on at the same time. Enjoy the exhibitions, performances and experiences, and learn new things in the workshops.
Click here to view the whole programme

Soiva Satupuu (Musical fairytale tree) from 8 June 
The musical fairytale tree a tree growing in the Adventure Park, and both children and adults can sit beneath it for a while and listen to stories. With the musical fairytale tree, you are carried by your imagination to the world of fairytales to meet Mummikki, the orchestra of ants, and a newly hatched fairy. 


Salaperäiset Surisijat (Mysterious buzzers) exhibition 5 August –11 September

What happens when a child named Bee ends up in the world of mysterious buzzers on a nature trip?  And what grows inside those amazing eggs?

Mysterious buzzers is an art experience drawing its inspiration from science and mysteries. It invites you to see and experience with all your senses.

The exhibition is on display in the Brinkkala Gallery between 5 August and 11 September 2022, Tue–Sun 10 am–6 pm.