Playground area

The Playground area

Adventure park Seikkailupuisto’s playground area has plenty of swings, climbing frames and other play equipment. The area is always open and free of charge.

The Mushroom Fountain

The Mushroom Fountain is under renovation, but will hopefully be opened during the summer. We will inform about the reopening as soon as it is possible. There are streams to wade in in the park. 

In-ground trampoline

The in-ground trampoline is now open! The trampoline is always open and free of charge. You can jump on the trampoline with or without shoes, just make sure to take other people into account. 


You can also find accessible play equipment in the park. 

Barbecue area

The outdoor barbecue area is not in use in the summer of 2021. 


The café of Seikkailupuisto is not open in the summer of 2021. 


  • Bringing pets into the area is prohibited (with the exception of guide dogs). 
  • Cycling is not allowed for safety reasons. 
  • Smoking and drinking of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in Seikkailupuisto.