Theatre music playschool, Fairy tale adventure and Experience Center

Music play school

June 6 –2 August 2 (closed 20–21 June)
Wed-Fri 10:30am

Fairy tale adventure

June 6–August 2 (closed 20–21 June)
Wed–Fri 12am

Experience Centre

June 17 -19 11am-5pm
June 24 - August 4 11am-5pm

Theatre music playschool

Theatre music playschool is a shared activity for kids and grown-ups that's all about doing things together, play and singing, playing and listening to music. Language: Finnish

Place: Timantti
Duration: 30–45 min.
2.50 € / child or one stamp on the Multipass
For all ages
Ticket sales: Adventure Park info

Fairy tale adventure

A play adventure within the Adventure Park area. Language: Finnish

Duration: approx. 30–45 min.
Starts next to the info booth, in front of Helmiteltta
Free of charge | Park area | For all ages

Experience Centre

The Experience Centre is Adventure Park's very own little science institute. This summer we'll be seeking answers for the great questions of science: what happened to the dinosaurs, can one go inside a camera, who was Archimedes...?

Free of charge
Adventure House Room of Wonders
For all ages