After Childbirth

Additional information

After you have returned home from the Maternity Hospital, please contact your local Maternity Clinic to arrange for a home visit or a Maternity Clinic visit. The childbirth and the new situation in life, as well as matters related to breastfeeding, moods, and the care of the baby will be discussed during the visit. If you were diagnosed with a gestational diabetes during pregnancy, you will also get instructions related to it.

The health of the baby will be checked and the baby will be weighed if needed. The baby will then become a customer of a Child Welfare Clinic and the mother will be a customer of a Maternity Clinic for three months after childbirth.

Follow-up check

The follow-up check should be done within three months of childbirth in order to keep the benefits of Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland).

Book an appointment for a follow-up check:

  • from your local Maternity Clinic if you want to use some other means of contraception than an intrauterine device (IUD, or coil) or a contraceptive implant
  • from the Contraception Clinic if you choose to use a coil or a contraceptive implant as post-natal contraception