Passengers arriving in Turku by air transport or by a ship must fill out a personal data form and give it to the health authorities. Passengers also get tested for coronavirus. There are several important instructions related to entering the country, getting tested and wearing a mask that anyone arriving in Finland and Turku must take into account.


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Information about entering Finland, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Travel and the coronavirus pandemic - Infectious diseases and vaccinations (the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare)

Recommendation for passengers arriving in Finland (The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare):

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Personal data form

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Please note that the forms are not accessible. Forms are also distributed at the airport. Health care staff members are available to help fill out the form.

It is recommended to print out and complete the personal data form in advance. This helps reduce queueing time at the airport and in the port.

  • A coronavirus prevention bus is located in the proximity of port terminals. Health authorities on the bus will take the completed personal data forms.
  • Forms filled out at the airport are given to health authorities that meet passengers at the airport.

Port of Turku and terminals

The coronavirus prevention bus located in the port area provides testing for Turku-based passengers arriving by morning and evening ships of Viking Line and Tallink Silja. Both passengers arriving via car deck and via ship terminals will be directed to the coronavirus prevention bus and they get tested for coronavirus.

Turku Airport

Health authorities will meet all air transport passengers at the airport. They will test the passengers arriving in the country for coronavirus.

Getting the result of the coronavirus test

You will automatically receive a text message about the result of your coronavirus test. If you have tested positive, you will also receive a phone call. The call comes from an unknown number. You can also check the test result through the Kanta service.

Foreigners arriving in Finland will have the text message about their test result sent to the number stated in their personal data form.

Instructions related to coronavirus and wearing a mask and instructions for passengers arriving in Finland

By clicking this link, you will find instructions in several languages.

Latest information and advice

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