Art Center in Your School

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Instrumental guidance

Visual art


Schools currently taking part:

Cygnaeus, Haarla, Hannunniittu, Kähäri, Luolavuori, Luostarivuori/Martti unit, Moisio, Paattinen, Raunistula, Sirkkala, Teräsrautela/Suikkila unit, Syvälahti, Topelius, Vasaramäki/Lehmustie unit, Vähä‐Heikkilä/Vähä‐Heikkilä and Uittamo unit and Wäinö Aaltonen.

Art fields vary by the school. The activity is arranged by the demand.

For school aged children in their own or nearby school after the school day.

Art Center in Your School activity:

  • Instrument guidance individually
  • Visual art guidance in a group
  • Guidance for dance and movement  expression in a group

Timetable 2021–2022

Autumn 30.8.–26.11.2021

No guidance 11.10.–17.10.2021

12 sessions.


Spring 17.1.–6.5.2022

No guidance on winterbreak 21.2.–27.2.2022. There is also an easter break in april.

14 sessions.

Instrument Guidance

Individual instrument guidance:

guitar, flute, clarinet, piano, drums, saxophone, violin. We aim to offer guidance for other instruments as well, based on the demand. Instrument guidance is arranged by Turku Conservatory.

Visual Art and Guidance

Drawing, painting and design in a group. Art club is a low threshold place to start an exploration for graphic expression. Art club is arranged by Varsinais-Suomen Kuvataidekeskus. Guidance is held in Finnish.

  • Tuition fee 190 € / semester, guidance in a group 90 min./lesson
  • Enrolment and information in Finnish Turku Art School website

Guidance for Dance and Movement Expression

Creative dance and movement improvisation in a group. Guidance is arranged by Läntinen tanssin aluekeskus. Guidance is held in Finnish.

Other things to take into consideration:

  • Students are taken in by the order of enrolment.
  • There are no entrance exams, and previous experience isn’t required.
  • Autumn’s enrolment is valid for the whole school year.
  • In a case of dropping out, the tuition fee must be paid in total.
  • Cancelling before semester begins is possible.
  • Students are not insured on the organizers behalf.