Assistive Technology Services

The Assistive Technology Unit lends assistive devices that help with many everyday functions.

The need for assistive technology can be noted by the customer him/herself, his/her close relatives or a social and healthcare professional who knows the customer.

In case the customer’s ability to function, need for assistive technology, or use of assistive devices needs to be further looked into, a Turku City Welfare Division therapist will make an assistive technology assessment. In order to get an assessment visit, an appointment must be booked from the Assistive Technology Unit.

In case of walker assessments, an appointment must always be booked beforehand from the Assistive Technology Unit physiotherapist.

In matters related to assistive technology you can always contact the Assistive Technology Unit directly.

Borrowing assistive devices

  • The loan period is set according to individual need.
  • Borrowing the devices is free of charge.
  • The borrower arranges the transport of the devices.

Maintenance and repair of assistive devices

◾The assistive devices lent by Turku City Welfare Division are maintained and repaired at the Assistive Technology Unit.

◾In non-urgent cases of maintenance and repair, please contact the Assistive Technology Maintenance Unit in order to book an appointment.