Banquets and meetings in a unique setting

Turku Castle

The renaissance-period banquet floor allows for events to be held in the King’s or Queen’s Hall, Queen’s Chamber, or Southern Hall. The amazing Bryggman Hall on the top floor is particularly well suited for lectures and seminars.

  • The King’s Hall is the largest hall on the banquet floor, built by Duke John in the 1550s. It provides an opportunity for high class festivities. The spacious and light hall with its large window recesses can accommodate a total of 250 people. Price: €1,000.
  • The Queen’s Hall was the gathering place for Catherine Jagellon, the wife of Duke John, and her court. The gorgeous renaissance-period hall can hold 180 people. Price: €800.
  • True to its name, the Queen’s Chamber was used as the bedroom of Catherine Jagellon. The royally cosy chamber is an elegant space for 50 people. Price: €500.
  • The Southern Hall is a versatile and cosy space for festivities with an interior design by Carin Bryggman. The hall, lit by large windows, can hold 100 people. Price: €650.
  • The Bryggman Hall is located on the top floor of the southern wing, designed by Erik Bryggman. It can accommodate 120 people for lectures. This accessible hall can also be rearranged for banquet use, in which case the tables seat 80 people. Price: €550.
  • The Lords’ Cellar is one of the most dignified spaces of Turku Castle. The Land Court established in Turku by Eric of Pomerania held its sessions in the Lords’ Cellar. The atmospheric arched cellar can hold 30 people. Price: €500.
  • The Castle Church was originally the banquet hall of the ducal court. Decorated with royal chairs, the hall was consecrated as a church in 1706. These days, the Castle Church is a popular place to get married. The Church can hold 240 people. Price: €500, €250 (e.g. marriage, baptism).


Located on the Old Great Square, Brinkkala is an excellent place for holding celebrations and meetings in the heart of Old Turku. The rooms of the building known to all of Finland for the declaration of Christmas peace have been restored to the way they looked in 1886, and the facilities provide a historical view over Old Great Square and Turku Cathedral.

  • The Magistrate’s Court is an elegant space for celebrations and meetings for 60 people. Price: €300.
  • The Green Hall is a versatile space for training sessions, meetings, and festivities for up to 40 people. Price: €200.
  • The Corner Hall is a historically stylish meeting and festive space for 20 or 40 people. The Corner Hall is dominated by a large antique table and the chairs surrounding it. Price: €150.
  • The Armorial Room is a comfortable meeting and festive space for 12 people with style-appropriate furniture. Price: €100.
  • The Christmas Peace Room is a unique venue for 7 people. The room is equipped with beautiful Rococo Revival style furniture, and the space is suitable for receiving guests, for example. Price: €100.

Kylämäki Village

Located amongst idyllic country landscapes in the vicinity of the city, the banquet and meeting spaces provide a setting for those looking for truly romantic old style.

  • Tryskimakasiini is an old threshing barn, which has been renovated into a versatile space for festivities and events. It is an excellent place for weddings and other celebrations in the summer, as well as many kinds of other events. The space is intended for 140 people, or 100 people when seated at tables. The space is terraced into three levels, and it has a stage. Price: €600.
  • The Old Henhouse provides a peaceful setting even for the most demanding meetings. Depending on the table arrangement, the cosy and renovated space seats 30 people, even for celebrations. The space includes a small kitchen. Price: €300, €150/3 h.


  • The Mestari event venue is a cosy apartment in a wooden building along Vartiovuorenkatu. It is suitable for small-scale events for 20 people. The space consists of two rooms and a kitchen. It is located near the city centre, in the vicinity of the Luostarinmäki museum block. Price: €300.


  • The WAM lobby is an open and stylish space on the shore of the Aura for celebrations and official receptions for 100 people. The space and its atrium exude 1960s architecture, with Aaltonen’s the Maiden of Finland sculpture dominating the space. Price: €600.

Prices, caretaker compensation and cleaning

The prices apply to events organised during the opening hours of museums. For events taking place outside the opening hours, the caretaker's compensation fee will be added to the prices; €60/h until midnight, after midnight €120/h. The events and related disassembly must have finished by 2 a.m. at the latest. A double caretaker compensation fee is charged for overtime. Normal cleaning of the facilities is included in the rental of the premises. If the premises and other areas related to its use require further cleaning after the event, the costs will be invoiced to the customer.

Equipment rentals

Audio equipment €100, LED lights €10/piece, screen (300 x 200 cm) and data projector (Turku Castle) €100. The equipment rental fee is charged if the equipment is not part of the normal equipment of the rental premises. The caretaker compensation will be charged if the use of audio and light equipment at the event requires a separate user and/or installation takes place outside office hours. Tuning and moving of musical instruments in the premises are also invoiced separately.

Reservable side programme for events

It is possible to provide various thematic tours and workshops during the events. Inquiries directly from the museums.
Turku Castle, tel. +358 226 603 22,
Kuralan Kylämäki, tel. + 358 226 204 20,
Luostarinmäki, tel. +358 226 203 50,
WAM, tel. +358 226 208 50,