Assessment criteria

The most important criterion for assessing the projects is how means of science and technology have been used in the project to solve a problem related to sustainable development (ecological, social, financial or human). 

Preliminary jury assessment criteria

The preliminary jury will assess the signed-up projects according to the following criteria:

  1. Discipline is related to science and technology
  2. The topic of the project is related to sustainable development
  3. The creativity and innovativeness of the project

The selection of those teams continuing to the project phase I will be published on the 29th of October. All the teams will be contacted personally by email.

Evaluation criteria for project phase I:

1. The significance, scope, and nature of the problem/challenge that the project focuses on

  • The significance and impact of the sustainable development problem that the team has chosen will be assessed.

Level and quality of the written report

  • The structure of the written report will be assessed (e.g. the definition of the problem, hypotheses, investigation of the background, and other structural aspects)

The proposed solution to the sustainable development problem

  • Especially the originality and creativity of the proposed solution will be reviewed.

Evaluation criteria for the semifinals:

1. Level and quality of the elevator pitch

  • Presentation skills, materials and methods used

2. Implementation of the plan

  • Structure of the plan, feasibility of the presented solution, how logical and realistic the timeline is 

3. Ability to respond to the jury panel's questions

Evaluation criteria for the project phase II (finale)

1. Follow through of the project from conception to conclusion (carrying out project)

  • The development of the project from start to end / from idea to end product

2. Design and the functioning of the prototype / demo

  • Skill, care, and thoroughness & proof of concept

3.  Ability to respond to the jury panel's questions