The city of Turku is inviting visual arts professionals and students to make proposals for the facades of the bicycle garage which will be placed next to the Logomo bridge in Turku. The competition period starts on November 25, 2022 and ends on February 10, 2023.

Questions about the idea competition

Questions regarding the competition and the implementation of the work can be sent to: 5.12.-12.12.2022. The questions and answers will be published at the end of this piece of news on December 22, 2022.

Downloadable materials

More information about the competition

Oona Uusitalo
project worker
phone 040 1883716 

Content of the competition

Competition participants can propose a piece of art to be implemented on the two outer walls of the bicycle garage. The bike garage is located along Ratapihankatu on the northeast side of the Logomo bridge. It is hoped that the content of the proposal will be related to electric cycling. In the work, you can also highlight other types of urban mobility. The execution technique of the work is optional, but as a matter of principle the work will be realized as a temporary public artwork. The work should last outdoors for five years. When preparing the proposal, it should be considered that the bike garage will be moved to another location at some point.

The bicycle garage, intended for free use by all, is made of metal, and its two outer walls reserved for art are covered with perforated sheet metal. If necessary, the work can be attached to the metal frame of the wall. The front wall of the bike garage is made of glass, and decals representing the Cycling in Turku region brand and the USER-Chi project have been installed on its surface. Solar panels will be installed on the roof of the stable in spring 2023. It is possible to draw electricity from inside of the bike garage for the artwork, but the cost of electricity must be considered in the cost of the work. The customer pays for the electricity used by the work in reasonable amounts. The dimensions of the wall surfaces reserved for art are: side wall 9.8 m x 3.6 m and back wall 6.3 x 3-3.6 m (width x height). The bike garage will be in place for a maximum of five years. Drawings and pictures of the bike garage can be found here:

From among the proposals received by the deadline of February 10th, 2023, the selection working group will select three feasible ideas, each of which will be awarded a prize of 800 euros (VAT 0%). Among the awarded proposals, an online vote is organized through the Voice Your Opinion service, where the citizens can choose their favorite among the proposals. In the selection of the work to be implemented, the effect of the result of the public vote is 1/3 and the evaluation of the selection working group is 2/3. For the implementation, the artist will be granted €9,200 (VAT 0%), of which a maximum of €4,500 can be set aside for work, material, transport and hanging costs related to the implementation of the work, with the remainder allocated to the artist's fee. The piece must be ready and placed as part of the bicycle garage by June 23, 2023, at the latest.

The artistic quality of the proposal, its connection to the purpose of use of the bicycle garage, feasibility in relation to resources, and placement of the work as part of the urban space are evaluated for the work selected for implementation.

The idea competition is part of the USER-CHI project

Turku is involved in the international USER-CHI project funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 program. The purpose of the project is to promote electronic mobility in many ways. The project gives cities and private operators tools and practical examples of smart charging services and their implementation. On European scale, the project provides the opportunity to develop the local charging infrastructure to be compatible with the rest of the EU region. The ultimate purpose of the project is to create basis for functional and customer-friendly electric mobility in an urban environment.

One of Turku's most central tasks in the project is to create a master plan for electric charging covering the entire city. The purpose of the plan is, among other things, to support the cooperation of public and private actors in the construction of the charging infrastructure and to speed up the development of the city's charging network to meet the growing demand. With the master plan, we also want to communicate that driving electric cars will be even easier in the future because of the development.

As a result of the project, charging points for small electric means of transport are being established in the Turku area. The charging points will be in Mäntymäki and in the bike garage near the Logomo bridge. The Mäntymäki point is intended for residents of the housing association, and the Logomo charging point is for general use. The charging points will be put into test use in 2023. The transportable bike garage being built near the Logomo bridge will have space for regular bikes as well as cargo bikes. In the garage, it is possible, for example, to charge electric bicycles and scooters, and to service bicycles at the bicycle service point.

Members of the selection working group

  • Stella Aaltonen, project manager, City of Turku
  • Oona Uusitalo, project worker, City of Turku
  • Marjo Aurekoski-Turjas, collection manager, Turku Museum Center
  • Ville-Matti Rautjoki, assistant curator, Turku Museum Center
  • Antti Jussila, visual artist, representative of Turku artists' clubs

Who is the competition aimed at?

You can participate in the competition

a) if you are trained in the visual field and have at least a second-level degree or

b) art students who have documented evidence of previously realized works

Work groups can also participate, in which case at least the person in charge of the group meets the professional requirements stated in the competition program.

How to participate in the competition?

The competition can be entered online:

Competition schedule

• The competition opens online on Friday November 25, 2022, at 9:00 a.m.

• The competition period ends on Wednesday February 10, 2023, at 5 p.m.

• Selection of prize winners will happen during the week of 7-8/2023

• Public voting open will be open during the weeks 10–12/2023

• Announcement of the work to be implemented on week 13/2023

The work should be implemented as part of the bicycle garage by June 23, 2023