Event Locations

What is the best location for your event?

A well-chosen venue and timing are essential factors in making an event successful. The event organisers don’t need to make this important decisions alone, because the Event and Congress Services of the City of Turku are ready to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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There are many venues and locations in Turku to suit the needs of different events. Turku hosts a wide range of events yearly, including for example big festivals and markets. The City's large-scale hotel capacity and vast supply of venues is a great start to host events with thousands of guests.

On this page you can find the most popular event locations ranging from the atmospheric Aurariver to the scenic archipelago. Check out the list to find the perfect place for your event or get an idea of something totally different – in the end only your imagination is the limit when choosing an event location!

Should you need any help finding the right place for your event, don't hesitate to contact the professionals at Turku Event and Congress Services.

Outdoor Event Locations

The beautiful sceneries in Turku set a great framework for events. It's effortless to arrive in the city centre and the riverbanks without a car and all services are closeby. 

Conference Rooms and Ceremony Venues

Turku is one of the most popular conference and congress destinations in the country. Thanks to its unique maritime environment and the easiness of transportation between places, Turku is well suited for hosting conferences and ceremonies.

Indoor Events and Other Venues for Hire

There is a great variety of different places to choose from when organising events in Turku. Event venues are rented out by the city as well as many independent actors.

The Turku Museum Centre offers venues of different sizes for rent.    

The indoor exercise locations offer spaces for different sports or other kinds of events. 

The schools in Turku can serve as accommodation locations during events. Turku also rents out youth facilities and camping sites. 

The Turku and Kaarina Congregation Association offers numerous venues for rent in the Turku area, such as churches and camping sites.  

In Southwest Finland there are many venues by associations, organisations and clubs that can be rented. Below, you can find a summary of these venus in Finnish.  

The University of Turku and other higher education institutions offer auditoriums that are well-suited for scientific conferences and congresses.