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The City of Turku Communication Department
Publicist Miia Alhanen
(events and tourism)

Question regarding the event calendar can be directed to

Visit Turku marketing and communication collaborations
Head of Sales and Marketing Satu Hirvenoja
Web Editor Maija Ryyppö

The City of Turku has two main communication and marketing channels: the communication channels of the City of Turku and Visit Turku, the city's tourist office. The City of Turku's communications are mainly aimed at Turku residents and those living in the Turku region, and Visit Turku's communications are aimed at domestic and international visitors arriving in the city.

The City of Turku's communication channels

The City of Turku supports event organisers by providing informatio on the event through the City's communication channels. Adding an event to the city event calendar is the key to receiving support for communication. The calendar of events has tens of thousands of visitors every month and during the busiest times even more than 100,000 visitors, so remember to add your event well in advance! 

The event organiser is responsible for the marketing and communication materials of their event and for adding them to the event calendar. Press releases, images, logos and links should be sent coherently to the City's communication department so that they can be used in the best way possible. 

The use of the City of Turku logo in the event organiser's materials is always agreed upon separately, but the goal is that the organiser receiving communication support uses the City's logo in all their materials and mention that they are collaborating with the City of Turku. 

The decision to use the City's channels is always made by the City of Turku Communications Department.

The communication channels of the City of Turku are:

  1. The City of Turku webpage
  2. The City of Turku event calendar
    Instructions for the use of the event calendar (in Finnish)
  3. The City of Turku social medias Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  4. The Resident magazine Turkuposti, which is published four times a year (in Finnish)
  5. Event info points and in bulletins 
  6. Press releases

The City of Turku's own marketing channels also include:

  1. City roof marketing, such as summer campaigns and Christmas marketing
  2. Pylons
  3. Over-the-street banners
  4. Bridge railings
  5. Electronic information boards

For more information on the reservations, contact Marketing Manager Juha Elo.

More information about the City's advertising spots

Are you informing media about your event?

Please add these recipients to your press release lists:, publicist (events and tourism), web editor services of the City of Turku, web editor (Visit Turku)
(Visit Turku and the City's communication team highlight events on their page according to their own criteria) 

We also happily accept images and a link to your event page.

Visit Turku's marketing and communication channels

Visit Turku is the tourist office of the City of Turku, which offers sales and marketing cooperation to event organisers. Event organisers can purchase a co-created product card that presents key event information in a concise way. 

The product card issued by is subject to a charge and is generally valid for one calendar year. The price includes language versions and the possibility of continuous content updates. The event organiser can also purchase better visibility through Visit Turku's various service packages.

Marketing cooperations with Visit Turku is also a great way to sell accommodation packages including the admission ticket and accommodation. The accomodating package is distributed via the Visit Turku online store.

Communcation material created by the event organiser can also be boosted on Visit Turku's social media channels, which are Facebook and Twitter. Small-scale visibility on social media channels is free of charge, but paid marketing cooperations guarantee wider visibility.

For more information on marketing cooperations with Visit Turku, please contact Sales and Marketing Director Satu Hirvenoja.

Visit Turku's communication and marketing channels for the event organiser are:

  1. Visit Turku website
  2. Kiss my Turku website
  3. Event calendar
  4. Visit Turku's social medias  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  5. Visit Turku's webshop
  6. Visit Turku's brochure