Effective traffic arrangements contribute to a smooth execution of an event. It is therefore a good idea to invest in its planning and implementation. When planning the logistics around an event, it is important to pay attention to venue access and traffic diversion.

Temporary Traffic Arrangements

Temporary traffic arrangements are needed if traffic has to be restricted. All temporary traffic arrangements must be reported to the Turku Urban Transport Center by submitting a notification on temporary traffic arrangements.

In addition to submitting a notification, a land use permit must be obtained from the City of Turku for diverting traffic.

If the event organiser needs to move or remove vehicles from the event area, they must act in accordance with transfer request instructions. For more information, please contact the City of Turku vehicle transfer department at

In addition, events requiring special traffic arrangements must be reported to the Southwest Finland Police Department and a notification must be submitted to the Turku City Public Transport Office at Events with a large audience must also be reported to the Public Transport Office so that they can adjust the amount of buses in traffic. It is also good to notify the Taxi Central in Turku of major events.

More information about traffic arrangements: Notifying about temporary traffic arrangements (in Finnish)

Truck Permit 

As of 1st of June 2016, a special permit is required for operating vehicles longer than 15 meters in the ​​Turku city centre. This restriction must also be observed if event equipment is transported through this area. More information about the restriction:

Bus Parking

There are some parking lots reserved for buses in the Turku city centre. There are also a couple of places on Linnankatu in front of the maritime center Forum Marinum and around Nuottasaarenkatu in the vicinity of Turku Castle. Please note the time limits for parking marked on the traffic signs on site.

Arriving to Events

You can arrive in Turku by sea, land or plane, which makes it travel to Turku domestically and internationally. In addition, Turku has a strong public transport network that guarantees effortless movement in the city and its surrounding area. Since the City of Turku does not offer parking areas or separate parking permits for events, event organisers should encourage visitors to use public transport.

More than 90 percent of Turku residents live within a 30-minute bike ride away from the center of Turku. Apart from public transport, it is also worth encouraging event visitors to use other car-free transportation alternatives. For example, biking can be encouraged by providing a bicycle parking spot by the event area.

It is recommended to implement traffic arrangements as a part of other event marketing. Clear instructions on public transport and bus timetables significantly lower the threshold to leave the car at home. Sufficient information about traffic arrangements also reduces traffic jams and contribute to traffic running smoothly during the event. 

Traffic Control

Sometimes the event requires changes in traffic arrangements. In this case, the police decides what streets need to be closed during the event.

The event organiser is always responsible for traffic control at the event. The event organiser is also the one who hires traffic controllers to the area and enures they ar eprovided with appropriate equipment such as safety vests and temporary traffic signs. Traffic controllers must be approved by the police, wear visible clothing and hold a traffic sign that states that driving with a vehicle is forbidden. You can rent traffic signs and other safety equipment from Kuntec. 

Access to buildings such as private homes must not be impeded. Rescue services must also be allowed to pass effortlessly through the event area. If the event area is limited or closed off, it must be done in a way that causes the least possible disturbance to surrounding traffic.

Temporary traffic arrangements for events require the following measures: